Belle Lafaye: Creations by Aria

~couture gifts with New Orleans soul~

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La Therese


Show your delicate, glamourous side as you second line at your wedding or special occasion with this beautiful and unique hand-beaded lace parasol.

Named after the first stunningly beautiful Belle Lafaye bride, la Thérèse is white lace, with flowers featuring clear and silver seed beads hand-sewn onto the center petals, with a pearl at each flower's heart.

The spine of each lace panel is embellished with a twisted string of silver seed beads, and the scalloped edge of the 32" parasol is accented with iridescent sequins, bugle beads, and seed pearls. At the top, la Thérèse has a lovely cascade of shimmering and curled white ribbon, and is topped with a handmade fleur-de-lis signature Belle Lafaye finial of white satin, coated in iridescent bugle beads and seed pearls. 

You can order it in either white lace, or with a panels of contrasting ivory lace added to the underside. In either incarnation, La Thérèse is a unique and glamorous finish touch to your special day.

Each Belle Lafaye second line umbrella is made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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